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Anti Snap Locks

Why bother with Anti Snap Locks?

As an emergency locksmith in Wolverhampton and the Black Country, we are sad to say that we see “lock snapping” more and more every day because people don’t have Anti Snap Locks fitted.

Not convinced it’s a real problem? Check out the advice that West Midlands Police are giving to people living in the Black Country 

The truth is, most of us take the basic precautions, but when it comes to securing our homes, we have so much more that can be done to keep us safe, and it’s so affordable it’s a wonder that most people haven’t done it already.

Being on the front line of this problem, we see lock snapping happening on more and more of our emergency callouts, and the most frustrating thing is, it can be prevented so easily and so affordably! The work doesn’t take long, and because of our years of experience, we are able to fit your new locks expertly and affordably.

We offer both High Security Locks and Maximum Security Locks, and we guarantee they are fitted to the highest standard while being the lowest cost around.

As an emergency locksmith in Wolverhampton and the Black Country, we don’t want you to need us in an emergency, but we are on hand if you do. We would much rather you call us in advance and take steps to make sure that you’re not a victim of Lock Snapping.

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