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Non-Destructive Access


Traditionally, a locksmith gains entry by breaking the existing lock, then once in, fitting a few lock in its place. This is less than ideal for a number of reasons. What if the door just closed behind you and your keys are sat on the table where you left them? Or what if you break the lock, only to find your keys a few hours later. Lastly, what about the expense of having a new locking system fitted?


This is where the lock is opened without any damage to the lock or door it is fitted to. This can be more difficult with the latest Insurance Approved mortice locks but it can still be possible. Most lock-outs we get at Certified Access Locksmiths are just doors closing behind people and they are only locked-out on a Yale lock. We would be very disappointed if we had to destroy a basic Yale lock to get it open. Snibbed Yales although more difficult should also be opened using non-destructive entry.

Non-Destructive Entry means no extra time on the job fitting new locks and no hassle for you to get extra keys cut, you can re-use any spares you may have inside the property. It may take longer but can work out cheaper for the customer.

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