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Winter security checklist

As the days get colder you will no doubt be finding yourself spending more time out of the house and enjoying the winter festivities, but remember that you won’t be the only person whose habits change according to the seasons. Burglars will also impose upon the darker nights and vacant houses, therefore we have created a checklist containing simple steps which can improve your home security this Festive Period.

Arm your security system

It is important to have your home protected at all times, so why not consider investing in a top quality home security system, or ensure your own system is functioning correctly.

Check your locks

The most common point of entry for a burglar is the front door, therefore it is crucial to make sure all exterior doors and windows are locking correctly. If you have any problems call a locksmith to either service or replace your locks.

Evaluate your exterior

Coming out of summer can often see our gardens left messy and overgrown, this makes winter the ideal time to trim shrubs and bushes. This will also eliminate places for burglars to hide. Raking leaves, mowing the lawn and keeping the front of your house tidy in general will indicate that someone is home even if you are absent.

Safety first!

The start of winter is a great reminder to ensure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are still working correctly. Remember, if your detectors are over 10 years old, they should be replaced.

Going away?

If you’re going on holiday you may be tempted to post your plans on social media. Announcing your house will be vacant publicly can prove harmful as it may result in unwanted attention.

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